Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Rehabilitation of Princess - 19

Well, the snowstorm is still playing itself out.  We got out of work early on Friday - hopefully we get back to work on time Monday (assuming the roads are cleared) because the backlog is building.

As far as the lack of recent "major" content here - I've got a few "large" projects that are *still* very backlogged, additionally, I've got a lot more real-life concerns going on as far as planning for the future.  There are tons of concepts I still want to work on with artists I've come across recently, but do not have the time/resources at the moment.


Back to the show....

It's always entertaining when you spike your boss's coffee.

Story by thrandrall, art by zanfadar.


  1. Real life concerns? Hope stuff's going okay for ya and everything works out =\

    1. Call it more a belated realization of the need to re-prioritize *some* finances - in the short term until things reach a better stage.