Monday, October 27, 2014

0pik-0ort - Mmmm Pie! #1

Tonight marks the first night of Halloween week and what is intended to be a slew of original posts - including a number of artists never before featured on the site (most of whom are long overdue). 

( be totally honest, nearly all the new art will be going up on Friday night (when else?)) - but we've got some fun all week...and then as mentioned before...running into next week as well.

Starting off with a piece by 0pik-0ort - pic a night ;p  I really love pumpkin pie.  Honestly...this year there seems to be an abundance of it - mini-pies at the grocery store (great for single servings), various coffee types, pumpkin pie poptarts, pumpkin cream hershey kisses, pumpkin cream/pumpkin pie donuts all over the place....'course next year I might be sick of them all...but honestly, right now I can't get enough of the stuff....(really need another pumpkin pie blizzard at DQ too - maybe this weekend).

Honestly...don't think I need too many tags on this one...but I'm sure we'll see some special ones pretty soon ;p  Shouldn't give away too much up front.

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