Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Solios - BOB-E HazMat Variant

The first in a series by master visualizer Solios.  Well, not necessarily the first - but really the first in a new series expanding on the concept.  The BOB-E series is such a resilient workhorse that it has been made available in a wide variety of models for all sorts of tasks and specializations.

The HazMat variant seen here (serial # BOBE-HAZ-768431) has no specific structural modifications from the industrial and urban models previously featured - indeed, all series come with the same ultra-resistant epidermis, inherent self-righting organo-gyro stability and natural attention to detail.  The primary difference is really found in the skin coloring, which serves as a warning and indicator to those sentients operating in proximity to remain clear while hazardous and/or radioactive materials are being handled - the likes of which are quite likely to be fatal to any observers not properly protected.

Stay tuned for further series!

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