Thursday, March 1, 2012

General Update (and new Gift Art!)

Just a quick breakdown of a couple of things.  Disappointed as I am by the general results of the last art contest - I will still have at least one more this year...just gotta do it given the times...should post a breakdown on it in the next month or so - probably a 6 month time limit or thereabouts.

Don't want folks to think I'm getting into too much of a rut with some of the same artists - though it seems the longer you work with someone, the easier it is...just for discussion, pricing and general quality of visualization.  Still, I'm totally open to working with new artists all the time - a number on my list to check with shortly - and if you'd like to be featured here as well, please drop me a note with a link to your work.  I've commissioned several artists that way already.

Now...a gorgeous piece of artwork by Ian T. Dote - a few years old from well before I started this site - I'd almost forgotten about it till recently.  My first "request granted" piece of artwork - and he gave me permission to post it here!

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